Arcology can be configured either as a standalone L1 network or as an Ethereum L2 rollup, depending on your specific applications.

Because Arcology is compatible with Ethereum, regardless of the option you choose, once the testnet is operational, you can initiate interactions with it through the standard Ethereum JSON-RPC API. It allows you to deploy smart contracts, execute transactions, and monitor outcomes using conventional Ethereum tools.


In this configuration, Arcology is a fully functional L1 blockchain network that is compatible with Ethereum. It can be used to deploy smart contracts and execute transactions.


Arcology can also be configured as an Ethereum L2 rollup. It uses the Optimism rollup bridge to establish communication with the Ethereum L1. In this mode, Arcology's role becomes a parallel execution layer scaling Ethereum.

The DevNet IS NOT designed for performance benchmarking purposes.

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